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Concentrated laundry liquid will be the future trend of development of washing products

Time :2017-02-18 Author:admin Read :704

As a result of people living in daily necessities of life more closely linked to the product, the development of laundry products on people's quality of life also played a very important impact. From the ancient times of the horny hammer hammer laundry and now the various forms of laundry detergent, washing machines, laundry products, the replacement of human beings from the heavy laundry activities have been liberated. Since the twenty-first century, people's awareness of environmental protection has been increasing, water use and sewage problems began to attract people's attention and attention, in this era, the laundry liquid began to more environmentally friendly and efficient concentration of laundry detergent The

So-called concentrated laundry detergent, compared with regular laundry detergent, the decontamination ability will be more better, and in this affect laundry detergent detergency decisive factor, can get effective active matter content. In general, to achieve normal laundry detergent actives content15%Above, content of active matter than concentrated laundry detergent25%, the blue moon machine wash the supreme are concentrated+"Laundry detergent, active matter content is up to47%, innovative foam control technology, low foam Yi Piao, one to two times can rinse, save water, save electricity, conforms to the modern concept of environmental protection.

In addition to the decontamination capability, save water to save electricity, concentrated laundry detergent is better than ordinary laundry detergent in the experience, use rise more light. Machine wash the supreme, for example, a small bottle660g, one hand can be easily picked up. Unique design of the pump head need not, don't bother to get, just with a pump and a pump8gYou can wash it8Piece of clothing (men's short sleeve shirt), accurate measurement, can reduce unnecessary waste.

Throughout the whole world washing industry development situation, Europe and the United States the major countries in Asia and some developed countries have already achieved in the field of washing the popularity of concentrated laundry detergent. The United States, Japan, Britain, Canada and other countries proportion is as high as concentrated detergent98%Above, but less than in China4%

According to wash association estimates that if all Chinese consumers use concentrated detergent, is a year can reduce in the process of production, transportation and use174.72Ten thousand tons of carbon dioxide emissions and save85.67Million kilowatt hours of electricity saving242.11Ten thousand tons of washing water. But because our country industrial development in the field of washing cycle short, concentrated laundry detergent industry development is relatively backward, so now the prevalence rate of concentrated laundry detergent, is still lower than in China4%

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