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Concentrated laundry detergent has accounted for only 3% of the market, the market potential is tremendous

Time :2017-02-20 Author:admin Read :679

Some claim that a high concentration of laundry detergent, active substance content lower than 25%, 5 test shows active substance content is higher than 25% of products, and there are 2 product does not comply with the relevant standard for stability is not up to standard. The cleaning products industry association of China (hereinafter referred to as "wash association") has released the 2016 annual fabric detergent market discipline quality tracking the results of the survey report (hereinafter referred to as "" report"), make concentrated laundry detergent that already write light industry "twelfth five-year" plan industry again cause attention from all walks of life.

Analysis refers to, in the consumer to upgrade and reform of the supply side, driven by concentrated laundry detergent is expected to "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in" playing the best development opportunity.

Concentrated detergent market remains in disarray

According to wash association director zheng dance in rainbow, ordinary laundry detergent require active matter content of 15% or more. If it is concentrated to reach 25%, and with a "symbol of concentrated detergent" product requirements higher, content of active matter must be up to 30%.

Obviously, from the point of the "report", concentrated laundry detergent penetration is low, not only the good and evil people mixed up market situation has seriously disrupted the normal development of the industry. Some detergent products before entering the retail terminal, in the make an issue of consistency, enter the retail end and have played a "high enrichment", "efficient", "high" and other national standards or industry standards do not exist in the concept, but the actual content of active substance concentrated minimum requirements.

These practices not only confuse consumers and also concentrated detergent consumer choose and buy has brought great confusion, and seriously affected the further spread good concentrated detergent.

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