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Cleaning Care Tips

Proper usage of laundry ball:

Time :2017-05-31 Author:admin Read :611
1. For the first time, washing ball should be soaked for 5 minutes toeliminate the impurities effectively.
2. set the garments and laundry balls into the washing machine. After the washing, remove the laundry ball to dry and preserve.
3. Use a ball for less clothing; Whenhabiliment is more than 3 kilograms, utilize two balls to wash.
4. Immerse the washing ball and clothes in the washer for 20 minutes,so as to achieve the cleaning effect.
5. The clothes with heavy oil stains and filth can be rubbed by hand in advance, and then addinga small amount of detergent powder (about 10% of the regular dosage) has better effect.
6. Warm water washing result is much stronger than the cold water, do not apply more than 80 ℃ hot water to rinse.
7. The laundry ball should beplaced in the sun for half an hour each month, which can prolong the lifetime and enhance the cleaning result.
8. Keep away from magcards, watches and other easily magnetized items.

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