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Cleaning Care Tips

How to wash all sorts of fabrics

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How to wash all sorts of fabrics


1.   The Silk Fabric

Soak in the water about 10 minutes for pre-wash, the time is not too long. Avoid washing with alkaline water, can choose neuter soap or soap slice, neutral detergent. The liquid is good at lukewarm or room temperature. Wash finished, gently squeeze moisture, do not twist.

To be dried in the cool and ventilation, refrain from being exposed in the sun, should not be baked.

2.   The Polyester Fabric

Steep in cold water for 15 minutes first, and then with general synthetic fluid washing, lotion temperature should not be more than 45 ℃. If the blot is focus on the collars & cuffs, can wash with brush. Rinse with water and wring slightly. To be dried in the shade, not to be exposed and stoved, for fear that to be ruffled by heat.

3.   The Nylon Fabric

Immerse in cold water for 15 minutes, then wash with normal detergent(the ingredient of alkali is not vital). Lotion temperature should not be more than 45 ℃. Dry and dry after washing.

4.   The Cotton Fabric

Cotton fabrics have strong alkali resistance, no acid resistance, can stand up to the high temperature, all kinds of soap or detergent for washing. Dip in the water for a few minutes before washing, but not too long to prevent the color from being damaged. The undergarments should not be soaked in hot water, lest the proteins in the perspiration will solidify and stick to the garment, and yellow sweat spots will appear.

With detergent washing, the best temperature of 40-50℃. When rinse, can master "a few times" method, namely, flush with much clean water is not necessarily, but do it for more times, after each douching, it should be squeezed out and then the second time to improve the washing efficiency. The clothes should be hung in the cool of the air, lest be exposed in the sun to make the colored fabric fade.

5.   The Acrylic fabric

The method is basically similar to polyester fabric washing. Soak for 15 minutes in warm water, then wash with a low alkaline detergent, lightly knead and rub. The thick fabric is washed with a soft brush, and eventually, dehydrate or gently twist out the water. The pure acrylic fabrics can be dried, but the blended fabric should be dried in the shade.

6.   The Hemp Fabric

The hemp fiber is rigid and the cohesive force is poor, should be lighter than cotton fabric when washing, do not utilize hard brush and rub vigorously, in case of the surface of cloth fluff. Do not twist after washing and steep the colored fabrics with hot water. Should not be exposed in the sun, lest fade.

7.   The Vinylon Fabirc

Soak in warm water first, then wash at room temperature. Detergent is for general washing powder. Don't take advantage of hot water to avoid inflating, hardening and deforming of the fabric. Dry after washing and avoid sun exposure.

8.   The Viscose Fabric

The shrink rate of viscose fiber fabric is large and the wet strength is low, should be leached at once when washing, not be immersed for long. The fabrics will be hard when it meets the water and be washed slightly, for fear that fluff and rip. Employ neutral detergent or a low-alkaline detergent. Washing liquid temperature should not exceed 45℃. After washing, fold up your clothes, twist out the water in large, and don't wring it. Avoid exposure, should be hung in shade or ventilation.

9.   The Wool Fabric

Wool is not alkali-proof, so should be washed with neutral detergent or soap flake. Wool fabric in the aqueous solution of above 30 ℃ will be contracted and deformed, therefore, the  temperature should not be more than 40. The detergent solution is Usually made with water at indoor temperature (25). When washing, avoid to adopt washboard rub, namely, with washing machine, should rub gently, the time should be appropriate, in order to prevent milling.

Don't twist after washing, squeeze out the water with your hand and drain. It is advisable to use the washing machine to dehydrate for half a minute. Should be hung in the cool and ventilated place, do not be exposed in strong sunlight, in order to prevent the fabric to lose luster and elasticity as well as cause strength of decrease.

The washing method and maintenance of pure silk fabrics:

 There are various kinds of genuine silk, some of which are not suitable for washing, such as Mixed satin, tapestry satin, antique satin, crepe, velvet and so on; Some for dry-cleaning, such as velvet and georgette; Some can be washed, but application neutral soap or senior soap flakes and synthetic detergent, melting soap with hot water first, after being cooled, immerse all the clothes into the water, and then gently scrub, swill with clean water, press the fabrics with fold hands.

On account of silkworm is tolerant of sunlight, the clothes should be opposite to dry when hanging, put in the shade, when dry to eighty percent, iron with medium temperature, can keep the clothes shiny and durable, avoid spraying water when ironing, do not press positively, lest cause water marks. When cleaning, if you can add a little vinegar to the water, the laundry will be more colorful and bright.

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