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How to choose a good laundry detergent

Time :2017-08-08 Author:admin Read :576

The Laundry detergent plays a significant and increasing role in modern household. A super laundry detergent is also essential for modern families. Therefore, our eyes are dazzled by the endless array of beautiful laundry detergent products in the market, how do we choose an excellent and ultility laundry liquid?

To select a pragmatic laundry fluid has threemain criteria: 1. The higher the concentration, the lower the dose; 2. The lower the viscosity, the more soluble it is; 3. The less a bubble, the easierto rinse. Highdegree of enrichmentmeans that the active matters are in supernal content. The industry standard stipulates that the content of the total active matter of washing liquid can determine the quality of the detergent.

1.     The items with superior appearance appear to be impurities or layers. Nevertheless, the defective articles have a thick layer at the bottom and a thin layer above. In the meantime, the lustre and color of the laundry fluid is stable,it will not fade and can be placed for a long time.When shopping, pay attention to labels. The brand name, net weight,description of the object, address of the factory, the warranty period, etc. should be available in the qualified laundry detergent packaging. Furthermore, the item logo on the label must be clear, no deinking phenomenon.

2.     The scent is pure and durable. The inferior is acid, but alsoastringent.

3.     Askmore about the history background and specified knowledge of production enterprise when picking out.

4.     Touch the superiorby hand, the viscosity is moderateand the composition is uniform.Nevertheless,feeling the poor is extremely sticky orthin,what’s more, the bottom has precipitate.


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