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Cleaning Care Tips

The correct ways for washing clothes

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 The correct ways for washing clothes

When washing, you can add a little salt to the water, so that it will keep the laundry from fading.
How do you wash clothes to hold back fading.
1. New cotton vest, t-shirts, with boiled water immersion before dressing, can wear and do not fade.
2. The jeans fade easily when washed, put it in cold and thick salt water to soak for about 2 hours as pre-wash, and then wash with soap will not fade.
3. Wash easily faded garments, put the clothes in the salt water to steep for about 30 minutes, then rinse with clean water, finally wash in the normal procedure, which restrain clothes from fading, especially in black or red clothing, more significant effect.
4. Sweater washed readily fade, if the sweater is soaked for 10 minutes with cool tea first, then wash according to the general methods, sweater not only can wash clean, but also will not fade, as well as extend the length of year of wearing.
5. Colored materials will fade because of the improper washing means and affect the beautiful. Most of dyes are readily dissolved in water. The dye under the wet condition will fade in the sunlight as well. The grain of combination of dyes and fibers is not strong enough will also fade when washed. As a consequence, to make the cloth do not fade, with the exception of forbidding to soak in hot water, soap water, alkaline water for long time, cannot use washboard or brush also, but can apply some salt in the water when washing, and then bleach with clean water, is also a good way to keep back clothes from fading.
There are some knacks for fading in the summer
1. The drying method. When hanging up to dry clothes, turn the clothes upside down, inside in the sun, and the opposite in the shade.
2. The additive method. When wash the synthetic fibers, should add some salt to the water; the washing of high quality clothing can apply a small amount of alum in water, which can be avoided or reduced in color.
3. The acid washing method. When washing colored garments, add 1-2 tablespoons of vinegar to the detergent, can keep from fading.
The laundry coups:
Everyone is familiar with laundry, if you want to wash clean, do not fade and knot, just throw all the garments into the washing machine is not to achieve the cleaning effect, at this point you will need to get some recipes!
When drink or eat, your clothes will be often stained with tea blot or sauce, which may leave ugly marks on your clothes, but some minor remedies will help you recover a beloved outfit.
1. Accidentally touched tea blot, there are two kinds of treatment, if the tea stain is fresh, you can wash it with hot water, while the stale stain can be dipped in thick salt water. 
2. If the clothes are stained with soy sauce, the green blemish can be washed in cold water and then cleaned with detergent; but for the timeworn sauce stains can be added adequate ammonia to the detergent, or rub it with alcohol, can remove the dated soy sauce slightly.
3. In addition to the stain of clothing is disturbing, also in the case of discoloration and dyeing when washing. To prevent the matter of clothes fading, can add some vinegar in the water, or soak in salt water for a while, can improve the discoloration. If you don't want your clothes dyed during the laundry process, the housewife Huang Shuling recommend that you have to separate dark(such as black, red and dark blue) and light clothes(white, pale yellow) first, if they are washed together at the same time, at least with a laundry bag.
4. It’s the common case that the garments are readily knotted in the laundry machine with the relevant of type of the equipment. In general, the whirlpool washer is more likely to cause a knot than the stirring and roller washer. If the washing machine in your home is the type that makes the clothes knot easily, the public Fang Wanyi advise that you can go to the supermarket to purchase the washing ball or throw a few empty bottles into the machine, can reduce the occurrence of similar situations.
5. The machines, though, make it convenient to do laundry, but the commons also have to pay attention to special detergent ways of certain clothes. The laundry professioner Wu Zhankun shows that the cloth is sewn with washing label that will fit the garment. If you have a precious item of clothing, follow the instructions on labels, while some special fabrics, as like silk, wool, rayon fabrics are shrunk and wrinkled with ease, which is strenuous to clean up, you can hand over to the reliable laundry to wash.
If your laundry method is correct, it will not only prolong your beloved's life, but also keep your clothes shine. Above the tips for laundry, you can try to do next time, which is likely to solve your problems for a long time.

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