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The concentrated detergent

Time :2017-08-10 Author:admin Read :608

        Along with the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection is spreading in all fields of society, all industries are looking for the green development path that suits their own reality. In laundry detergent field of our country, after the change of the "soap and powder" times to the "liquid" era, laundry solution has taken an important step on the way of energy conservation and environmental protection. Nowadays, the laundry fluid in China laundry detergent is moving towards a more energy-efficient and eco-friendly"concentrated" epoch.
Compared to previous soap and washing powder, ordinary laundry liquid has enhanced greatly in cleaning and resource conservation, but the laundry fluid in the market still has a heavy packaging that is difficult to use; the content of the active matters are low, the decontamination effect is not ideal; there is a defect in the process of bleaching, a lot of bubbles and tedious complexity. Most users are often overused of detergent, which leads to waste of water and power resources. For the sake of improving the user's problems in the use of regular detergent, the Shenzhen Become Biotech Co., Ltd company has made an update on the basis of ordinary detergent and push out a brand new“enriched”liquid.
The enriched solution is vested with the ingredients of high active matters more efficient decontamination ability. A 1kg concentrated fluid is the equivalent of 2.2 kg of normal fluid. The dosage can be saved by 55%, and the effect is more better. What’s more, the enriched detergent also adopts the innovation technology of foam control, low bubble and easily rinse, one or two times can be cleaned up. Directly reduces the discharge of laundry waste and the loss of electricity in the washing process, which saves the resource consumption to a large extent. The laundry liquid enrichment is the main trend of green development in washing industry.

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